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Cutting Vinyl Records? Don't!

If you're a Glow forge or other laser cutter owner, you may be tempted to cut vinyl on your machine. Don't do it!

Polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl, or simply vinyl; abbreviated: PVC; is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic polymer of plastic. While it is great for pipes and tubing, it is extremely dangerous when heated (or laser cut). 

Although polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can in fact be cut with laser, the thermal process produces hydrochloric acid and chlorine gas (the stuff they used in chemical warfare in WWII. So, it's a one, two punch. Not only will it destroy your equipment, but it can also lead to some very severe health issues. 

How does it happen?

Laser cutting the material involves using a high-energy laser beam to burn, melt, and vaporize materials.

The primary issue with cutting, melting, or engraving vinyl is that the burning of vinyl produces toxic fumes. When the chlorine gas comes in contact with the atmosphere, it undergoes a chemical reaction and produces hydrochloric acid, which can corrode the laser cutter and severely damage your lungs. 

Therefore, laser cutting vinyl is not considered safe, and it is strongly advised not to process vinyl materials under a laser.

There are tons of YouTube videos out there if you'd like to learn more. just search "cutting vinyl with a laser cutter".


Be Safe!

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