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Best Materials for Engraving

We get quite a few requests to engraving real leather wallets. We don't mind but there are a few things to know before purchasing a wallet or other leather item you'd like to have engraved. 

Vegan leathers 

Phish Vegan Leather Engraved WalletThese synthetic materials are convincingly leather like, and some are specifically made for laser engraving. The benefit is in the details. Most laserable leather items have a contrasting second layer making the engraving stand out. 

Real Leather

Leather engraving

Real leather is beautiful and can be engraved. The challenge is that if the leather is too dark or has too many variances in color, the image is not recognizable, and details are lost. Lighter color leathers do show engravings better than dark leathers, but still not as good as the ones above. 


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